Membership By Design

Here it is! The online course you've all been waiting for. Save thousands of dollars and years of your life with this one stop all inclusive marketing course that will enable you to reach more customers that will put your product/services in their hands.  When you start a business you have great passion for the 'thing' your want your customers to have. BUT, you lack ALL of the skills that are absolutely necessary to get your beloved 'thing' to your customers. A DIGITAL FOOTPRINT! How do you spread the great news which translates to dollars in your bank account? How do you reach the numbers of customers it takes to make the sales you want to live the life you dream of? This step-by-step course will assist you in setting up all of your social media, website, email and traditional marketing that will enable your optimization by reaching a larger market.  Just follow along and pause, rewind and play again. And before you know it, your digital footprint is HUGE. 


Keep Out Of The Overwhelm Weed Patch

Set up your social media with this easy to follow along guide. We will disassemble Facebook and I'll explain all of the parts and how they function. 

Homage To King Google

Learn to harness the power of Google. All of these elements will enable your business to be searchable and stand out. It's easy peasy! 

The Power Of Building Email Lists

Using an email provider will keep you organized and well connected to all factions of your customer base. Send professional newsletters, event reminders and so much more. 

Website For Your Dream Business aka FREEDOM

Your website doesn't have to be complicated. Here's how to get a custom domain name and format your simple website. 

5 Steps To A Successful Radio Advertisement

Writing and performing a powerful radio ad will save you money AND increase your membership, participation rate, sales and money in your bank account.  

Monopolize Traditional Marketing

Here are some tricks I've used to create motivated buyers. Using traditional marketing  is an inexpensive tool that should NOT be ignored. Throw a big net out to catch more fish. 

Incredible BONUS Tools

This is available for a limited time offer. These BONUS tools will make your life so much easier and really leverage your time for BIG RESULTS. 

Get Your Membership By Design

Don't let another day go by without implementing these aspects into your pathway to success.


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